Green Producing

We are a sustainable company that acts in accordance with the criteria of the Austrian Eco-Label. We pay attention to our ecological footprint in our professional and private lives. We continuously implement measures to work in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way.

  • Studio construction – when remodeling and optimizing our premises, we use ecological materials and reuse existing building elements. As little as possible is disposed of.
  • Electricity supply – we make sure that our suppliers guarantee only green electricity.
  • Power consumption – our IT does not use 24/7 running devices and servers, the studios have general switches that disconnect all devices from the mains overnight, no standby.
  • Data storage – backup and long-term storage is done on powerless hard drives.
  • Paperless office – we avoid printouts of invoices, texts, etc. as much as possible. If printing, then double-sided, black and white on eco-paper.
  • Waste separation – we avoid waste as much as possible in advance, waste separation is strictly observed.
  • Cleaning – our cleaning products and consumables are certified according to ISO type 1.
  • Travel to work – we travel by bicycle as much as possible, for longer journeys and transport we prefer to use the train and carpool.

We see it as our responsibility to treat the environment with respect.

And what kind of coffee bubbles fresh and strong in the already legendary Bialetti EasyTimer? One that requires almost no packaging.