Koronar – Literary news from the heart region

In cooperation with the Carinthian Cultural Foundation we produced the audiobook album “Koronar – Literary News from the Heart Region”.
A collection of 18 texts by Carinthian writers, read by 6 Carinthian actors. Curated by Klaus Amann.
Musically accompanied by Tonč Feinig and Edgar Unterkirchner.
Available as CD and stick in selected book and music stores.

Customer: Carinthian Cultural Foundation
Curator: Klaus Amann
Voices: Katharina Schmölzer, Markus Achatz, Michael Kristof, Magda Kropiunig, Maximilian Achatz, Nadine Zeintl
Services: Coordination (in cooperation with Marie-Therese Vollmer), recording, mixing, Label


  • Musicproduction + Label