HAIR – The Musical

HAIR – the musical celebrates its 50th anniversary and is more relevant than ever. This can also be seen in the real rush to the limited tickets at the musical summer Amstetten, Lower Austria.
This is the 17th production for which I was allowed to do the sound design in Amstetten. Many thanks to the entire team around director Hannes Kropfreiter, our director Alex Balga, the ensemble, but above all to my colleagues Michael Jurtin as mixing engineer, to Christoph Müller and Martin Gruber – radio microphone support, Georg Auner for system technology and Sound Art Service for the great Meyersound sound system.

AVB Amstetten

Directed by Alex Balga
Choreography – Jerome Knols
Musical Direction, Arrangements – Christian Frank
Set design – Sam Madwar
Costume Design – Max Wohlkönig
Makeup and Hairdesign – Daniela Skala
Light Design – Michael Grundner
Director – Johann Kropfreiter
Sound Mixing – Michael Jurtin
System Engineering – Georg Auner
Wireless microphones – Wolf-Christoph Müller, Martin Gruber
Sound System – Sound Art Service
Sound Design – Andreas Frei

Photos: Gerhard Sengstschmidt
Video: Sam Madwar


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