Yamaha Nuage Fader + Master


T.C. Electronics System 6000 MKII (5.1 Mastering+Reverb) Millenia HV3-D 8 Channel Mic Preamp Weiss DAC2


NUENDO Harddisc Recording PROTOOLS Harddisc Recording WAVELAB Mastering Software SEQUOIA Mastering Software TAO Workstation MAC Pro Workstation


Surround/main: PMC AML1 Active Studiomonitors PMC TLE1 Subwoofer Meyersound HM1 Active studio Monitors Meyersound HM1s Subwoofer Yamaha NS10m, McIntosh amping

Vintage Keyboards

Roland MKS 80 Superjupiter incl. programmer Korg MS 10 and MS 20 analog synths Fender Rhodes MK1 Korg CX3 organ Yamaha DX7II FM Synthesizer Peavey DPM C8 Masterkeyboard

Plugins (Excerpt)

iZotope RX Vienna Symphonic Library NI Komplete Spectrasonics Stylus Spectrasonics Omnisphere AudioEase Altiverb


Neumann Audiorama Schoeps Sennheiser AKG Shure

IP – Codecs

Sessionlink Pro VST Connect Pro AudioTX


Steinberg Timebase Synchronizer 16:9 Videoprojektion in recording and control room

Audio over IP

Does your favorite voice talent live in Berlin? Is your main actor on vacation here at Wörthersee (many do that at times!), but an important dubbing is still missing? We connect to a network studio via our Audio over IP service and perform the recording as if the speaker was on site. In real time and broadcast quality. With appropriate preparation, productions with images, i.e. lip-synchronized, can be carried out in this process.

We are compatible with the following transmission formats:

  • Sessionlink
  • VST Connect
  • Musictaxi
  • MPEG Layer 2
  • MPEG Layer 3
  • G.722
  • G.711

For more information, please call us:

  • +43 463 590335