Koronar – Literary news from the heart region

In cooperation with the Carinthian Cultural Foundation we produced the audiobook album “Koronar – Literary News from the Heart Region”.
A collection of 18 texts by Carinthian writers, read by 6 Carinthian actors. Curated by Klaus Amann.
Musically accompanied by Tonč Feinig and Edgar Unterkirchner.
Available as CD and stick at Ö1 shop as well as in selected book and music stores.

Customer: Carinthian Cultural Foundation
Curator: Klaus Amann
Voices: Katharina Schmölzer, Markus Achatz, Michael Kristof, Magda Kropiunig, Maximilian Achatz, Nadine Zeintl
Services: Coordination (in cooperation with Marie-Therese Vollmer), recording, mixing, Label

Carinthian Cultural Foundation